Natural Places in the World

Most Amazing Natural Places in the World

World is full of secrets and mysteries that nature likes to surprise us it’s true that some of these surprises are strange and even inexplicable at first glance you 15 natural phenomena that you won’t believe are real they are very rare and mysterious events come on the underwater waterfall just take a look at these wonderful images these are the islands mauritius.

Underwater waterfall a true spectacle of nature

They are located in the indian ocean and are considered one of the most beautiful islands in the world one of the main tourist attractions of this paradisiacal place is a kind of underwater waterfall a true spectacle of nature is not even if you really believed that this is an underwater waterfall you are about to be disappointed actually this is not it is an illusion we bet you are curious to know how this happens right the oceanic platforms in this region are a few million years old but.

The oceanic relief started to change relatively recently so several areas with different depths ranging from 8 to 8 several hundred meters are located close to each other and for that reason this wonderful phenomenon of nature arose by the way it is only possible to see it from the sky but if you are just a tourist and not an astronaut you will have to fly by helicopter over the indian ocean to see this otherworldly landscape the eye of africa in the western sahara 40 kilometers from the city of o dane.

Rings almost 50 kilometers in diameter this rare natural phenomenon

There is a circular geological structure with rings almost 50 kilometers in diameter this rare natural phenomenon has many names the eye earth the eye of the Sahara the eye of the desert but what it really is at first glance it may seem that this strange structure arose due to the fall of a meteorite on the earth’s surface hundreds of years ago however the truth is another dome-shaped rocks were cut little by little due to the influence of external factors and ended up forming these rings.

The most interesting thing is that these circles alternate layers from rocks of various origins and millions of years old in addition this mysterious phenomenon of nature changes color according to the time of day finally something mystical you must be thinking unfortunately not the color changes it’s just the temperature variation of the environment your sliders this incredible phenomenon.

That occurs in the valley of death in the united states has been studied by scientists for many decades they try to understand in every way possible this mystery of nature these huge boulders drag themselves along the bottom of the dry lake in this area without anyone touching them they move completely by themselves you can imagine ni no one has ever seen how this happens but the rocks keep moving as if they are alive sometimes.

A Truly Stunning Natural Phenomenon

They will turn sideways and leave a deep trail for several meters and sometimes these restless rocks draw themselves in complex and unusual lines changing the direction of their movement and making the cars blue lava now we are going to show you a truly stunning natural phenomenon a blue lava flow coming out of kawaiji volcano on java island in indonesia this phenomenon is undoubtedly wonderful.

But you have to be very careful if you want to see it up close inside the volcano there is a lake of sulfur from which the natives of the region manually extract this chemical they do it without using any protective equipment which is very very dangerous in the region if it is very harmful to health because the volcano emitted vapors that affect the respiratory system is quite difficult to stay around for a long time without a gas mask but let’s finally get back to the mysterious coloring of the volcano lava due to high temperatures sulfur gases produce bright blue flames.

Who enjoy supernatural things may even be upset

That can reach up to five meters high some particles of the burning gas turn into liquid sulfur and give rise to the mysterious blue wash lenticular clouds the appearance of these clouds in the sky can really impress some people as this phenomenon can be easily confused with a ufo people who enjoy supernatural things may even be upset but these are just sick clouds they form on the crests of air waves or between layers of air no matter.

How strong the winds are these clouds simply do not move this is due to a continuous process of condensation of water vapor normally these clouds hover at an altitude of 2 to 15 kilometers and their appearance usually indicates the approach of an air front the cocoon trees the first thing we think when looking at these trees is that they are part of the scenario of some horror movie and we even got a little scared now imagine and thousands of trees.

That look like huge cocoons this scene happened in pakistan after a severe flood took a lot of spiders up the trees for the insects these plants became the only shelter from the floods the huge amounts of webs made by the spiders in the trees almost killed the foliage due to lack of light but even in a situation like these good things happen the spiders killed almost all the malaria-carrying mosquitoes in the region.

Rainbow eucalyptus seems

The local residents were scared initially but then they were happy the rainbow eucalyptus seems that some vandal decided to stand out from the others filling these trees with paint some action has to be taken but wait we are a little confused actually this is an unusual tropical tree whose wood has unique properties depending on the age and thickness season of the year the color of the tree the eucalyptus trunk can have fiber of different shades.

The young bark has a light green color but it picks up over time and becomes blue purple orange and reddish tones before exfoliation the bark becomes a beautiful brownish brown color when the young and the oldest parts alternate they form in the wonderful multicolored pattern tree practically turns into a real rainbow the rain of blood now yet another frightening phenomenon in the summer of 2001 the residents of the state of kerala in india were witnesses of a strange red rain.

The water that fell from the sky was the color of blood in addition the rains lasted for months and only stopped in september the bloody water used to fall for short periods and left many stains the dirty liquid was collected in several places in the region as many people had curiosity to know where this rain of blood comes from but the worries were in vain studies showed that the color.

Nature creates perfect things otherwise

The common rain was caused by the presence of fungi in the pollen waters of tree trunks and roofs of houses the big blue hole this wonderful view that can be observed from the sky is the big blue hole a large underwater cave with a diameter of 305 meters located in central america near belize from above it is possible to see a perfectly circular funnel trail whose depth reaches 120 meters we think that sometimes nature creates perfect things otherwise.

How can you understand that this hole is just a flaw observing it from the side we can see an amazing painting of a circular island surrounded by turquoise blue water in a scene where today we see the darkest blue funnel is just amazing the eternal storm in most parts of the planet lightning and thunder are a rare occurrence but in venezuela the thing is it’s a little different here most days are accompanied by these natural phenomena.

The rays practically don’t stop m never this phenomenon is known as the uninterrupted venezolean storm of catatumbo these lightnings produce more than a million volts of electricity a year you can imagine in addition this phenomenon is the world’s largest producer of ozone as you probably know lightning is usually accompanied by strong thunder but in this case it doesn’t happen here the thunder is practically inaudible and the lightning.

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