Our planet earth is about 4.5 billion years old it took millions of years of evolution to get to where we are today most of these revolutions are through phenomena of nature that happen all the time since the earthquake volcanoes erupting rain cold heat rays are countless factors there are so many phenomena that exist from mother nature some that we wouldn’t even believe we would that’s.

Frightening phenomena of nature

What we’re going to see here today I’m focus Joice Ah let’s see frightening phenomena of nature So leave your like 30 a lot on the button like and also subscribe below if you are not subscribed so you don’t miss any video Every day there’s new video on the channel so click below and subscribe because we are almost reaching 4 million subscribers so let’s see what these are phenomena most people have seen cyclones either by video or photo.

We all know that the cyclone is a kind of turning but very weak. and what ended up happening during a fire that was going on because simply a cyclone formed right on top of that fire and then a cyclone because of having a lot of oxygen inside it managed to kind of pull the fire into it and it became a mega Fire cyclone obviously with normal cyclone by itself it’s already very dangerous imagine just a fire cyclone nobody ended up getting hurt.


The most amazing natural phenomena in the world

But even so it was one of the most amazing natural phenomena in the world think water is one of the things we have to take a lot be careful close to Rio all this because for an example Imagine that you are swimming having fun in a place that is not raining but up there in another city miles away in that same river it starts to rain what happens here obviously a flood arises and so people get very strong and it’s kind of like a wave of water that goes down.

The river that when it reaches you, you probably I wouldn’t have been prepared for that devastating everything a man was inside a truck when he ended up being hit by one of these Waterspouts the images are totally surprising there guys for the difficult things right look at this truck was seen and look at the waterspout that went down the most insane thing was to see that after the waterspout ended the truck was on top of a small piece of land.

That was not washed away by the water too surprising and a video recorded on the coast of Italy was filmed a surreal phenomenon simply three tornadoes hitting the same city at once the population of remnick this city from italy was very scared if just one tornado is strong enough to cause great damage imagine three hit the city at once and hey You can see that there’s a lot of coming in the city and all this happened quickly no one was predicting.

The anak krakatoa volcano is one of the most feared in the world

That there would be these three tornadoes let alone one nico becoming and from a number of people who were on the beach and obviously left there to seek refuge in the anak krakatoa volcano is one of the most feared in the world all this because his father who is just the cracatoa when it erupted basically caused a tragedy in the world for you to have an idea a sound caused in the eruption of krakatoa was the biggest sound ever emitted on earth with its explosion.

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You could hear more than 1000 km away after krakatoa erupted and was destroyed came the anak krakatoa his son a volcano that is supposedly much stronger than your father and has a high chance of erupting recently he erupted but it was a quieter one alone in quotes and everything was recorded Andthen there’s this small eruption that doesn’t arrive not even 10 percent of.

What people imagine it might be the biggest of them all caused big explosions mirror lots of lava and ash everywhere and obviously a lot of people will stay I’m very scared it’s usually from the sky it rains only water if it’s very cold It snows but that’s not what happened there in Thailand it just ended up raining fish not making it that it was forming in the middle of the ocean it was very strong and it just started to catch the fish.

Snakes then the Tornado passed

That were swimming close to him and he started throwing him thousands of kilometers away and obviously ended up right in the city hitting several houses and you can see how the street was crowded with these fish and here in Brazil in Paraná there was also a supposed rain of animals that was actually several spiders out of nowhere got together and created a big gigantic web on the pole and etc and as they were walking between.

These tiles that seem to be invisible you could see as if the spiders were raining because they were falling walking this all happened in the place where a people lived another natural phenomenon also very crazy that has already happened but a lot there n the past when the camera doesn’t even exist it was also rain of snakes it was a region there in Thailand that are full of islands in one of these islands were full of snakes.

There had been an overcrowding of snakes then the Tornado passed and ended up throwing these snakes to thousands of meters away also reaching if the functions are very normal around the world All we have seen are large mountains and they have larvae of But one thing that a lot of people don’t know is that there are also volcanoes that are inside the ocean it would be like the same volcano that we have out here.

There is a phenomenon called polar night

But inside the water and these volcanoes they erupt and when they then they cause big explosions and I’m also so lava but unlike us here I said it ends up running down and after it cools it becomes a stone slab as soon as it comes out of the volcano it basically turns into stone Lídia da Cruz sell two Maranguape bro Bora Bayern win pag It’s always digital like that in a submarine with a belt and a film an exact moment of these reactions and it’s amazing.

The images like you come and if scared you swim in a place that has all these eruptions and and if you like night you should live not here in Brazil, but close to the North Pole, all this because there is a phenomenon called polar night that happens there, basically it arrives at a point where the Earth is positioned in a way that several cities do not receive sunlight for several days for you to have an idea in northern alaska.

polar night

There are cities that go more than two months without seeing even an elastic sunlight at night 24 hours a day people are now exactly 4:20 4:34 pm Look how dark it is because the people who live there they end up complaining because it’s already a very cold place.

Usually when I have sun it’s -10 – 15° and when the sun goes away the temperatures reach – 40 – 45 degrees it’s extremely cold and I don’t like it hey nothing less that cause more damage here in Brazil mainly in the southern region are the hailstorms in 2019 one more surprising rain ended up happening there in Santa Catarina it was just raining hail but it was not normal hail those little pebbles were pebbles the size of orange that were falling at a super speed on top of people and also cars in addition to boats they also damaged cars and Real Estate is looked at just cracking the object.

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