Abandoned Wyckoff Villa

Abandoned Wyckoff Villa

What is Wyckoff Villa?

Wyckoff villa is a mansion, built on Carleton Island (which consists of more than 1000 islands). During the war of British, It was a strategic base for the British military and naval supply and also for clan mother Mary “molly” who was very powerful and aligned the Iroquois nations with the British crown. Prior it was called as Deer Island and Buck Island.

History of Wyckoff Villa

Abandoned Wyckoff Villa

American army would capture Carleton Island in the war of 1812. And by the time 1893 William Wyckoff purchased about 60 acres of the island. It was not as the wartime effort and ship building days.

William O.  Wyckoff, president of Wyckoff, purchased the villa from Henry M. Folger and his wife for $11,440 in May of 1893.After buying the area he started building process. It was said Wyckoff was spending most of his time enjoying being on the island and overseeing the construction. His wife passed away before five weeks of completion in1895. After spending his first night in the completed villa, William Wyckoff also passed away at the age of 60. After the death of Wyckoff his family retain in the ownership of villa, for nearly three decades.

In publications such as Country life in America, the villa was appearing for summer rental. The G. Wyckoff began to sell some parts of the land in 1920s. Then the property was open for sale. But there was no buyers for several years, so the villa was opened for auction along with the large amount of property which consist of livestock, sleighs, 70 tons of hay, wagons.

Wyckoff villa was sold for $ 15000 in the auction. One end of the Carleton Island was converted into a historical site for tourism.  There were some discussions among some members of the state senate to build a federal prison for “habitual criminals” In the island. Senator Love Brooklyn who brought the idea was defeated by the wealthy landowners of the 1000 islands and Northern New York.

Abandoned Wyckoff Villa

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Who Owns the Wyckoff Villa?

The historic villa was bought in 1987 by brothers Charles and William Millar, whose family has spent summers on Carleton Island since 1900. Since more than 70 years ago, it has lain empty.

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