Abandoned castles in the world


What was once sheltered between kings and queens of the past a castle is a type of monument that enchants most people certainly you as a child or even an adult already had the desire to meet a castle despite most of these monuments around the world being in past times even today some people do this type of construction but certainly to make a castle it takes a lot of money and willingness knowing that.

Some castles that are abandoned by the world

I decided through this search for some castles that are abandoned by the world I’m sure you will enjoy this trip but before we continue I ask you to be part of our channel and subscribe also follow us on Instagram but now enough rambling and follow the video and it’s our first visit will be on prime castle located in Ukraine this building was founded between 1635 in 1640 according to the history.

This castle it was already incredibly beautiful its interior was described as wonderful but during the event of the first world war it ended up being invaded by soldiers who consequently destroyed its interior but according to reports in 1939, its current owner removed all the remaining furniture and brought it to brazil but again, a fine event that took place during.

The second world war turned the castle into a sanatorium due to a fire that occurred on the site in 1956, once its interior turned to ashes, there was already the beginning of a restoration but due to the lack of investment to renovation is stopped in another castle that was once rich in life and was abandoned the fabric of castle Miranda.

The province of namur this castle belonged

This construction had its origin in 1866 and its owners would be the family of the count of him and let belfort located in belgium in the province of namur this castle belonged to the Count’s family until 2017, despite the location being a family-owned building. It has already been used in different ways the closing of the place and abandonment do not have a reason reported.

They say it could have been due to a fire that occurred after being in a bad state of conservation in the year 1991 it ended up being abandoned jars year 2016 to 2017 it was demolished and this other monument from the past would be known as Bennett college an old women’s college this building was founded in new york in 1890 an intention of beginning to be a luxury hotel that happened.

But after years of working it was closed and until today the place is unoccupied being taken over by the nature that grows around it leaving America and arriving in the Pharaonic lands we will visit the abandoned palace of the prince sei de rally created in 1899 this palace served as a dwelling for the man who became known as one of the authors of the rally Armenian holocaust.

Fairytale castle is located in Germany region

This historic event took place between 1915 and 1923 when about 1.5 million people were arrested and deported to other regions say that most of them had their lives cut off mainly men but not information from the palace after being the chicken abode until 1921 years later it ended up becoming a school for girls that worked until the year 2004 since then the place has been closed arriving in Irish territory.

A historic monument is found Flavio car in the middle of the forest this magnificent construction known as the mural was built by the walrus family between the year 1792 to 1795 jars year 1923 during the civil war the place was burnt down becoming uninhabitable nowadays the place is in ruins and what remains are just memories of a bygone era of an amazing appearance located on.

A cliff link be castle also known as fairytale castle is located in Germany region they say that before the current construction in the year 211 the place suffered with the war of the empire what was con built to be a fort it ended up years later falling into the hands of the count of multiverb who built a medieval castle at risk between the years 1840 and 1842 different from other castles that.

We show here the fairy castle is not abandoned and serves as a place tourist attraction is certainly an excellent choice when thinking about places to visit have you heard that saying nature is perfect looking at the castle of basic berry we can say if you are right this ingenious human creation had its origins in the 16th century but in 1652 the place suffered an attack with cannon shots since its creation, the place had different owners but today it is part of the historical monuments of Ireland as we can analyze there are magnificent creations spread around the world.


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