What is it like to fly in times of coronavirus

What is it like to fly in times of coronavirus?

Welcome to a new video my name is lis and well this video is precisely the continuation of the previous one in which I told you that I was stranded for a few hours in Quito fortunately I was able to get a flight before the borders closed.

They will definitely no longer leave enter flights with passengers from other countries and well this is one of the things that can happen when you decide to travel in times of pandemic I say you decide because.

Simply traveling for vacations for pleasure trips

I think there are many reasons today there are many people criticizing those of us who need to travel because they assume that traveling is simply traveling for vacations for pleasure trips that can be changed with the networks that there can be many reasons to make a trip I do not want to enter into this controversy.

I think it is not my role to talk about this I simply love them talk about everything they can face if they have to fly these days as has been my case [Applause] [Music] and since for a or another reason I have been flying in recent days I want to tell you a little about.

What it is like to fly in times of coronavirus the first very important point is that you have to know that the situation is extremely changeable in one day they can tell you that it is restricted when entering a country and in a few hours.

That is not considered at risk

They add the list to another country and then to another so this is very fast you can believe that there is no problem because you are traveling from a country that is not considered at risk and still at any time decisions can change and how can you see.

If there are countries that are completely closing their borders, each one makes a decision in a certain way, some more strict but the point is that I am really changing so I think it is the first thing you need to know.

If you have to fly In this season, the second thing that is also very important is that you will still have an environment that is not the one we are used to seeing in airports and this one that you use And when.

Who are used to traveling on a daily basis?

We travel through Asia, those of us who are used to traveling on a daily basis, because we know that there are many people with masks that even when they travel to the West, they use them, but now traveling in this season is the time to find many people with more faces, that is.

The atmosphere of airports are no longer so much for vacations but much more of, well, a place where you need to go because you are going to take a transport so I think this is also important and I say this for people who are looking to go on vacation and to be honest.

The atmosphere that you are living in the airports it is not at all welcome to this country and you enjoy it as it is I perceive but on the contrary in many countries they are not taking measures but in others.

You sign a declaration that you have no symptoms

You can suddenly arrive and find personnel dressed as an astronaut who take your temperature They give you antibacterial gel as soon as you land and they start giving you a series of recommendations about.

What is happening, so I think this is very important. I have been making some necessary flights. I have had this situation in which I am faced with airports where nothing happens, there is no review, and airports.

Where if they make you sign a declaration that you have no symptoms, you are confirming that you say the really where you have to leave all your data I think it’s very important if it’s a pleasure trip I think it’s suddenly important to rethink it because right.

Something declared if I travel I put myself at risk

Now at least the flights and they’re not in that environment and I think it’s It is important that you know the third thing that I also think is very important that you consider is the flexibility of the airlines and that is that many say that.

We are seeing a pandemic and it is something declared if I travel I put myself at risk even if I am not going to a risky site and therefore I want my money back, however, that is not how the industry works, it is not that I am defending them.

I am simply looking for them here or explain how it is working if you suddenly decide that you do not have to fly to any destination because you feel insecure or believe that it may be dangerous, the airline will not return your money unless.

The airlines are only returning the money

You have purchased a rate that is modifiable in reality is that the airlines are only returning the money when the flights are being canceled and because they cancel flights there are two main reasons because they are not filling up and therefore.

The airline is not profitable or because the governments open borders as is what It happened to me in Ecuador where from one day to the next they decided to close everything and therefore the decision had to be made to leave quickly, so of course if the planes cannot leave, obviously.

They will have to reimburse you and that is the situation for which which are reimbursed if you are traveling to italy or spain because since you really cannot enter that is why there if they give you the opportunity to modify but another case is the fact of saying that you are afraid or that you think.

You buy a flight today with aeroméxico

It is not the safest situation that the airline does not care now also I had already told them that precisely with this situation obviously the purchase of flights has decreased a lot and that they did the airlines, well, starting in March, put flexibility policies, that is.

If you buy a flight today with aeroméxico to anywhere in the world, it can be modified 5 however, here you have to be very careful with the fine print and the tricks of the airlines It is making a policy only to reactivate and encourage more to travel.

The truth is that most bull airlines are giving you dates to change until May 31, so the time for which you are going to be able to change is not indefinite either. Your flight and we don’t know how the situation is going to be and suddenly.

Airlines that as the date approaches

There are airlines that as the date approaches they are giving you a little more time but the truth is that for many, it is only until May, so this takes this into consideration. Do not think that you are going to buy a flight right now, we wanted it, because as there is no demand, they are very cheap and suddenly.

They will be able to use it throughout the year, the truth is that you can modify it without change, but the price of the rate will be charged to whatever is at that moment, so if suddenly the rates shoot up a lot, it may be.

That it will not do you any good and just speaking of this issue, it may be that the change of rate is not useful to you I want to tell you something that is very important and it is something that many travelers have told me and that is that suddenly.

If they tell you your rate you can change it later on other dates but the rates that are being after the summer when He hopes that this situation is controlled, they are extremely high, so it is still a risk to buy these rates, but I am already telling you, judges, to get a very cheap ticket right now, but.

Change for free it is out of your budget

When they are going to reschedule it love another date that may be that there are no problems at the end of the year that it is expected that this will be controlled and the rate is so high that it is of no use to them that.

They let them change for free it is out of your budget and it is nothing what they paid so that’s why I told them it was important to read it in small letters I gave them the example of aeroméxico but not only this.

Some European low cost have also come to me from KLM, Air France, Delta, all of them telling me that there are flexibility policies for flight purchases, but I’m telling you, it’s not for when you want and if you have to pay the fare difference on the date.

So that’s why. it’s a bit of a hidden trick and I think it’s important that you take it into account finally I also want to tell you that you have to travel this season it’s very important that they consider in which countries they have been in the last 21 days.

What country they are flying from or their nationality

That is, it does not only matter what country they are flying from or their nationality, but also their entire travel history, since many countries are asking about it and this with the sole purpose that if you are declaring that you went to some risky country.

I am telling you not only 14 but 21 days you have to put yourself in a mandatory home quarantine , it must be a bit that it is voluntary but the reality is that it is not the reality is that you are informed that you have to leave.

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