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Travel To Turkey, Visit Istanbul In One Day

Visit Istanbul In One Day

We talk on Istanbul. It is very famous square where we find two of its main attractions on the one hand I have Santa Sofia behind me one of the emblematic points of the city while in front of me a few meters away we have the blue mosque.

One Day to Visit Istanbul

Therefore I think it is the best point to start a visit to this city. The main attractions of Istanbul and I am going to give you different routes depending on how much time you have but we are going to start with how you would do it.

If you only have one day and of course one day to visit Istanbul could seem crazy, however I want to propose this route because it is the one that is going to cover the main attractions of the city and where any traveler could start their trip to this city.

 I also propose a day for the simple reason that it ends s Going to a super popular city for a stopover and I already told you that this square has to be the starting point as it is the seat of two of the main attractions of the city and well in this case we are going to start with Santa Sofia.

Great Recommendation    

It is always the great recommendation is to start your visit in Istanbul to this place and as early as possible since it is and that they make the longest queues and where they can end up spending more time simply waiting for the number of visits and this is the interior of Hogia Sophia for to enter.

You only need to buy my ticket that cost me 72 liras they ask you to settle in a decent way to put it in some way because it is a place of worship and that they have gone through several religions but that is why it does not lose importance but there is no dress code.

It is also allowed to take pictures, videos during the whole visit so be prepared to many selfie sticks to many people looking for sites for your photography and above all to many, many travelers and many groups of tourists, that is why definitely try to come as soon as possible to avoid this a little bit.

Catholic, Buddhist or Muslim Destination

 I am there first thing in the morning and as you can see there are already quite a few people and once my visit is over you just have to cross this square to get to the second point, which is the blue mosque, so I already have my scarf ready to cover my head.

Let’s remember that the dress code is a little more written there, and by the way, bringing a pashmina, a scarf is something that I always recommend regardless of whether you go to a Catholic, Buddhist or Muslim destination.

That is that in many there is a dress code and this can help you cover yourself it does not take up any space it can go inside your bag and even if it arrives If it’s a bit cold, it can end up being useful and saving you on a trip, so get ready, ready, and on top of the rest of the clothes.

Use Long Skirts Thin Fabrics

I’m bringing a long dress. the most comfortable and it is what I would recommend in this type of destinations that can be a little more conservative there is no need even in the summer when it is hot it can come super low-cut and it is something that can bother local people.

I think it is easier use long skirts thin fabrics and things that end up complying with their rules but with which you also feel comfortable so that’s why I came directly with a long dress and so there is no problem to enter all these sites.

Now I’m in the courtyard of the mosque at the end of my visit and here are some tips and the first without a doubt is not to bring high expectations it is under renovation which means that a large part is covered and you will find many scaffolding and parts completely covered for which Spectacular photos have been seen.

Visit the Bazaar

Perhaps they will not see much of that, at least if they come in this period, but this does not detract from the historical and cultural value This site, which is very important and can also be visited for free, simply check the hours.

 It is open to the public while it is not a prayer time, so this is public at the door or you can check it online beforehand so that you do not have problem when organizing your trip and you have super important trips and you only come for one day.

You don’t have time to go to the famous Istanbul bazaar or if you come on a Sunday and therefore it is closed my advice would be to visit the bazaar that is right here next to the mosque and that also has a lot of products is definitely not that big.

City Ottoman Sultans

It is nice and that way you do not miss the experience of being in one of these bazaars with a more typical style but well nothing happens and we are out of our next attraction that I am here for which is one of the most impressive places.

 We can find in this city Ottoman sultans lived here and today it can be visited as a museum so if you want to know how they lived then definitely a place that you cannot miss is quite large so come well prepared for the visit and for those.

Basilica Cistern

Who are interested in seeing the archaeological museum the palace and there is sad sofia a pass that allows you to combine the three things in one betrays me already I am in the basilica cistern also known as the submerged palace it is the great attraction of Istanbul that is under land.

It is that you have to go down more than 50 steps to reach this site that is truly more than spectacular takes its name from a basilica because one had been built here however in the 6th century it was decided to build this cistern that has capacity for store 100 thousand tons of water with which you can get an idea of how magnificent it is that they deal with 336 columns that support through and vaults all this structure for centuries was closed to the public.

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