The strangest phenomena of nature

The strangest phenomena of nature that happen on Earth

What is the most fantastic phenomenon of nature you’ve ever seen in your life for people who have visited the maldives maybe the most incredible phenomenon has been a sea of stars at night at different times of the year the edge of the island is shini g especially in the strip where the sea m ets the beach it re lly remembers the milky way as if we we e in space known as if stars this is a phenomenon involving bioluminescence that is caused by a certain type of phytoplankton.

When the phenomenon happens everything depends

That exists on site as shaken by the waves these beings emit a light that is sparkling in the water it is not known for sure when the and the tide level according to people who have already witnessed the event it is as if you were walking on a beach that mirrors the stars of the sky in the place there are even some restaurants that have romantic dinners next to the sea of stars.

How t talk about amazing things you have already heard about a collective flight of bird alled murmuration and t is is the name given to the movements of starl ngs that usually flying in flocks and creating a great spectacle according to specialists or guurachan is the sign that the European winter is about to arrive at this time the starlings are used to leaving the coldest regions such as Scandinavia and migrating to the United Kingdom.

Where the climate in this time is a little milder until today scientists are not sure how these birds manage to fly in this way without suffering a accident as collision in some cases the bandits add up to almost 3 thousand birds experts also believe that these strange formations are the result of the starlings survival instinct and protect themselves from predators flying together cool all these birds flying together is not what happens to crabs red crabs.

The Indian Ocean this phenomenon

Where more than a million male crabs heading in the same direction and things like that could only happen in one place in australia imagine about 50 million adult red crabs walking towards the indian ocean this phenomenon happens at the time of migration of the species that usually occurs between the months of november and december these animals live exclusively on the island of natal and that’s why these phenomena can only be seen there.

The event is so cool and has already become a tourist attraction in the region in some places on the island the streets have to be closed so that the animals are not run over as funniest the crabs take up to a week to reach the sea and then stay about a month most insects prefer to hibernate during the winter, monarchs as well as some species of birds prefer to escape the cold and the most curious thing is that the journey exceeds the insect’s life time.

Which is about two months during the round trip cycle. Butterflies spend around four generations of butterflies now scientists are thinking of building a robotic butterfly that could follow the insects and track the entire migration process which could help in the preservation of the species but remember when I said at the beginning of the video that the nature also has to be the phenomena ah because it’s all those that I mentioned were let’s say so cute.

Tourist attraction every year tourists flock

Now I’m going to start talking about the weird things in nature are you terrified of snakes in the canadian province of manitoba the town of narcisse has a somewhat different tourist attraction every year tourists flock to see thousands of snakes have an animal orgy y’all got it wrong no snakes get together to copulate in the city of narcisse is a notoriously cold place and is the perfect winter home for snakes.

Because it has a thin soil that sits on a layer of limestone that the water has gradually eroded creating a network of small caves underground in the snake species it is the garter snake and steam what about 70 thousand snakes are concentrated in manitoba every year although they can stay they are practically harmless to humans from the snake mats that are possible to see in many places the biggest they are the females are seen entwined with balls made of smaller snakes.

The males the scariest thing is that there are 100+ male snakes for each female sometimes the female ends up being crushed to death but the males are still so excited that they continue to copulate which makes them the only necrophilous snakes saw nature in 2012 more than 20 tons of dead fish covered a beach in norway as well as in canada it is possible to see a sea of snakes in norway the f sh mat why the fish ied well this still remains a mys ery but.

The famous Mayan prophecy that the world

There are some hypot eses some think a storm trapped the fish in shall w water and ended up mixing with the water of a nearby river others suspect a number of environmental factors and as at the time people were fearing the famous Mayan prophecy that the world would end in 2012 fish deaths were also linked to such a theory according to local reports it seems that something similar happened in the decade of 80.

When a little oxygen in the region caused the death of the fish in 2014 the similar case happened with the crab lanka when it swirled ions formed in shallow waters sucked fish and other small animals and then made it fall like a kind of rain from and so far this would be the most plausible explanation for what happened in norway and if there are fish because it can’t rain birds in 2011 the north american state of arkansas recorded.

The death of about five thousand birds at the turn of the new year of the first day of the year the residents of the city of bibi spent the day collecting the dead animals and how was such a strange event theories began to emerge some they said that the leader of the pack had led the whole group to death others that the animals had committed mass suicide in which the experts all happened because of human action as it was the new year it is likely.

That the fireworks with their noise and luminosity have disoriented farm birds debate in houses and on the ground amid the pandemic a lot of people must have forgotten what happened at the beginning of the year, a cloud of locusts covered part of the corn and bean cultivation in the countries of east southeast africa with a plague of god indicating that we are reaching the end of time. unfortunately the locusts affected some very poor countries like somalia ethiopia and kenya which made the famine in these regions increase even more and the numbers are frightening just for you to have an idea if all the locusts were placed in a single line they would form a line with about 60 km scientists say that a locust swarm like this can consume good morning see well enough food a day to feed 35 thousand people,

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