The Most Amazing Castles in Europe

The Most Amazing Castles in Europe

The most beautiful castle in the world its origin dates back to the 12th century and its current form emerged between the years 1800 and 10 and 1455 for centuries it was the official residence of the kings of Castile one of the ancient kingdoms of the Iberian peninsula one of the events the most important past in the castle was the coronation of Isabel first as queen of Castile and lion in 1474.

Castile one of the ancient kingdoms of the Iberian peninsula

The castle also served as a prison and seat of the royal school of artillery in 1862 a great fire destroyed much of the castle after restoration it was given to the ministry after the war to serve as a military college and finally in 1931 it was declared a historic-artistic monument the castle of bode size was mentioned for the first time in the year 1113 in a document that is found today in the spare abbey originally built as a wooden fortress.

That was gradually replaced by the stone can expect from its first mate Isaac who received it in 1300 and two from king Ladislaus the fifth of Hungary after the year 1945 when the castle was confiscated by the government of Czech Slovakia it became the headquarters of various state institutions on 9 May 1950 a great fire broke out but the government completely rebuilt located in upper silesia.

Fairytale castle

This is a traditional baroque castle built in the 17th century and which had later gothic and renaissance architectural influences have the impression of being a fairytale castle thanks to its 99 spirals you have probably already seen this one castle and some photos before because it was the inspiration for many stories Heilbronn dell castle located in England it was founded in 1907 and belongs to the family of the duke of Norfolk due to the English civil war.

The building was restored in the 18th and 19th centuries so it is possible to find gothic details in its interior such as the library room which has an incredible historical collection and the religious antique castle is the residence of the duke of Northumberland located in England the medieval building from the year 1096 has served as a setting for several movies such as robin hood and harry potter around the castle.

1952 Windsor castle located in Berkshire England

There is a garden of 170 square kilometres with thousands of species of plants and the castle of the tour is a medieval construction that began to be built in 1180 by the king in r 2 in the following century it served as a fortress for the protection of the English coast during the second war world secret castle tunnels were used as a military hospital heard castle located in England was built in the early 18th century and has 145 rooms has been the record.

Family residence for over 300 years and has been open to the public since 1952 Windsor castle located in Berkshire England is the oldest and most extensive occupied castle in the world was built in the early 11th century and is currently the official residence of Queen Elizabeth has five hectares of area and part of the construction is open to the public visit the boring with such is a fortress medieval home to the viscounts of Carcassonne.

The largest European city to keep its walls intact since 1997 UNESCO considers it a world heritage site mount san Michel is a sanctuary in honour of the archangel Michael built in the 13th century on the island of Mancha in France it was used as a meeting place for crusaders who in a holy land after the french revolution served as a prison until 1863 is a world heritage site al of humanity since 1987.

The castle of Cinderella symbol from Disney

The castle of us is in was built at the end of the 19th century because it takes away the fantastic from the construction was conceived by Luiz 2 da Baviera that served as inspiration for the castle of cinderella symbol from Disney studios and also to the radio castle of the anime knights of the zodiac the site receives over 1 million visitors every year o bran’s castle better known as Dracula’s castle is located in Transylvania Romania built in the mid-14th century was used as a defence against.

The ottoman empire became a customs for merchants prince Vlad the impaImpaler inspired the vampiric romance of plains touch would have used the castle as a military fortress during its reign in the 15th century from 1920 the building became the royal residence of the kingdom of Romania after the second world war the royal family was former pulsates and the castle was occupied by the communist regime and turned into a museum in 2006.

The Romanian government returned the castle to its rightful owner Dominique good tear the principle of Tuscany and archduke of Austria Edinburgh castle It is an old fortress built in the mid-12th century although people have occupied this region of Scotland since the 19th century BC the building was used in many historical conflicts such as the Scottish Wars of Independence in the 14th century and the Jacobite uprisings of 1745 today.

Castle is used for military purposes

The castle is used for military purposes but is also open to visitors and receives over 1 million tourists every year some areas can be rented for wedding ceremonies the castle of games is located in eastern angles of Scotland it belongs to the good slice 11 families since the 14th century it is the residence of the earl and death stress happens. and is known as.

The most haunted castle in the world the main character of Schipper’s play Macbeth resides in the building Cornavin castle was built in 1283 by the king of the air the first in England is located in guaíba in ti in north west wales currently the shop museum of the royal welsh marines the castle Flores located in which Celsus in Scotland is an 18th-century building was planned to serve as a country house to the duke of Hoshi by me and has already served as.

A location for the movie the legend of Tarzan the castle of Koning was built between 1283 and 1289 during the 2nd campaign of the king of the air of the first of England the design and works were supervised by master mason games George using 1500 workers and stonemasons to build the castle and city defences it is estimated that £15,000, the largest sum ever, was spent on a single building. rupture worn by Eduardo the first in any of his welsh castles between 1277 and 1304 o the medieval bull castle only seen in the Czech Republic is one of the castles that no visitor to Moravia should omit and it is not only because it was the setting for a series of films.

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