The Craziest Castles in the World

The Craziest Castles in the World

Where one of the friendly tribes of this world the tribe of the sentinels are located they were considered one of the most hostile peoples on the planet for the fact of not citing any external contacts people and scientists who tried to access the island were killed in mercy in 2004 after the tsunami that swept that region India sent the support helicopter to the island to help some victims and take supplies.

The Castle Sentinel do Norte is the least accessible

But that was not a good idea the helicopter was met with closed and could not fulfill its mission and that makes the island Sentinel do Norte is the least accessible and most difficult to know in the world the behavior of this tribe is still a mystery for researchers it is not known for sure how many there are how they ended up there or what language they speak which as it is a dense closed forest.

There is no you can see how their homes, what is known is that they are not cultivators, they live off the food that the island provides such as fish and fruits and may be descendants of the first peoples that emerged in Africa and migrated to other regions more than 65 thousand years ago or be it 35,000 years before the last ice age with so many failed contact attempts, india decided to isolate the island so.

That no one comes close either on purpose or by accident. gently for this the Indian navy to patrol those waters there is a limit the person cannot get closer than three miles from the coast of the island but still, some accidents happen in 2006 two fishermen their boat on the island to fish they were met with closed and dead there is a story in which in 1869 an inmate of a British penitentiary in the Andaman archipelago escaped and was adrift at sea for a few days he ended up accidentally ending up on the island.

The island completely pierced with arrows

Where he was cruelly received a few days later his body was found on the beach of the island completely pierced with arrows and with the throat cut another story also very well known happened in 1981 when a freighter called Primorsky ran aground on the coral reef of an island for the commander it was a normal but deserted island nothing to worry about if after sending the radio the captain and crew waited for a few days for the rescue.

They decided m wait for the rescue on the freighter than on the beach because the waves were too big or maybe they suspected that that island would be the northern sentinel some time later the freighter’s watchman spotted a group of 50 black people on the beach at first they thought it would be the rescue but realized that the group was naked and armed with spears and arrows they were on the beach building some canoe to reach the freighter.

The crew went into despair and sent another radio signal shortly after a rescue helicopter took everyone from the freighter these are some fabulous stories of this island iso the island of the masked ones the island me here Dilma is part of an archipelago called iso of volcanic origin that extends from the south direction of Tokyo capital of japan constantly dangerous gases with sulfur odour are the experts of the depths of land the island residents had to leave.

Some of the Castle of Dead dolls

The place in 2000 due to volcanic activities in 2005 they were allowed to return but since then they have been forced by the local authorities to wear masks at all times whenever the level of toxic gas rises Isla de la as worms the island of the dolls is located in Mexico along the Xochimilco canals to travel these channels have a mystical charm in which people who pass through there right there tell an island known by many people and respected by most of those.

Who has never dared to go there is it the island of dolls for some of the island of Dead dolls for others tells the story of the place where in 1951 three children played on an island together throughout July between Xuxa and Milko and Mexico City when the doll of one of the children fell into the canal trying to catch the doll the girl ended up falling and drowning on the spot, sometime after the girl’s death.

The island’s residents began to hear the cry of a child, but they never found anyone crying after one time they began to suspect that it was the spirit of the girl who drowned and that she will never be able to save her doll that fell into the water the residents reported that the girl’s ghost wandered around the island day and night crying and looking for her doll a man named Juliana Santana barrier who lived near the canals of the lake.

A plague having infected the Castle

Where the girl died felt persecuted and tormented by the releases of the girl’s ghost and only found a way to ward off the tormented spirit has lasting dolls everywhere where he could second Julius the crying ceased after a while time everyone who visits the place takes a doll to hang some tree so that the girl’s spirit rests in peace Uzbekistan housed for a few decades.

The largest biological weapons testing area that has ever existed in the world the Soviets began testing biological weapons at this site in 1935 it was closed the following year when the program director was arrested and executed during the explosion listed in 1954 after catching up with the Americans in the race for nuclear capability the Soviets resumed testing biological weapons and expanding the complex installed in the isolation in this area of sinister aspect to the pestilent.

The smell in the air and still visible are the cages where the animals used for t sts were kept as well as test tubes bottle s and protective masks the labour tories worked with bacteria and virus s of various types include ing commonly known diseases animate us being the experiments carried out on horses rabbits monkeys pigs and rats brought from abroad admitted today that the great possibility of a plague having infected the island although it is not the endemic bacterium in the region.

The Castle of cobras this place is located in brazil

That is treated as antibiotics but the one that was created in the soviet laboratories exactly paralyzes exist the would see the island of the dead the island could have been many things the place of quarantine the banishment for those infected with the black plague and more recently an asylum for the mentally ill currently the place is just an uninhabited island in the lagoon of Venice between Venice and litho it is estimated that more than 160,000 bodies have been buried on the island.

Because of the black plague, people were burned alive so as not to spread the disease to others, many fishermen avoid fishing close to the place wells are scattered around the island and also it is said that the island is one of the most haunted places in Italy burned grande the island of cobras this place is located in brazil more exactly on the coast of Paulista the island of burnt grande has more snakes per square meter than anywhere else in the world the jararaca species.

Became threatened with extinction is one of the most poisonous in the world found in this place the ideal habitat today that of landing on the island is prohibited by the Brazilian navy the ban is not only to protect visitors but also snakes hanry the island of crocodiles the island of ram is an immense swamp that serves as a shelter for more than 1,000 saltwater crocodiles the deadliest of their kind the reptiles share a place with malarial mosquitoes and poisonous scorpions during.

The second world war the place was the scene of a terrible event agreement by the English army hundreds of Japanese soldiers had to enter the swamp they were by crocodiles only a few of them left alive many English soldiers also died with me by the crocodiles Kashima the battleship island the island of hashish an also known as the battleship island is home to some of the first tall concrete buildings in japan and for almost a century mining there flourished in its heyday the island of 15 hectares are home to more than five thousand coal mining residents and their families.

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