Safety Tips For Solo Travelers

Safety Tips For Solo Travelers

Traveling alone for more than 10 years around the world, something that still surprises many due to all the stereotypes that exist, however, as I was saying since the introduction, you do not have to have problems.

Whether you are traveling alone or even in a group so I start with my best advice and the first would definitely be planning, many believe that the best and the cheapest thing when traveling is to improvise.

You really want to have a little more control of your trip. Definitely, planning in advance will help you a lot. In this way, it will not happen that you arrive in a city and suddenly they do not let you enter because they did not have the necessary reservations or all the information.

Planning Your Trip

You were going to do during the trip and that this causes some doubt to migration also of course and once you are at your destination you will not have this problem of arrive and be looking for accommodation.

Suddenly you may realize that it is high season and it is super complicated to get it and you no longer know where you are going to sleep and it is getting dark so all those details can be resolved simply by planning your trip definitively.

When it comes to the first solo trips, plan as much as you can and find out about the destination and well, I am already anticipating that second point and it is The more you know about the customs of the site you are going to visit, about the security measures, rules, laws, the easier your experience will be.

Find Transportation

In this way, you will not be surprised that it may be frowned upon that you are using a certain type of clothes or physical contact with other people who can take it badly so definitely information would be my second great advice when traveling alone my third advice has to do with organizing your arrival at the destination you are going to visit.

There are super cities easy to which you can get to at any time of the morning and there is no problem like where I am, which is Las Vegas, it is a city with so much life that you will always find transportation, including public transportation, options to move around open places and a lot of life in the city without the need for it to be dangerous.

However this does not happen in all the cities of the world there are places where you can get there and at night practically the place is going to be dead for which it is important to organize your arrival well above all I would tell them that if possible avoid arriving in the cities at night on many occasions.


You are not going to take the best face of the city when you do this type of night arrival, however, if you do not find an alternative, simply organize very well how you are going to move from the airport from the place where you arrive to your lodging.

In these cases, I often recommend simply talking to your lodging and asking if there is any kind of private transport, that is to say that someone can pick you up at the airport for me, this alternative has been very good in places like India or Morocco.

Where perhaps my accommodation was in a very small and complicated street to get to, and the fact that someone was waiting gave me the certainty that I was going to arrive without any problem also being a hotel driver and not a taxi d the airport or any driver they know exactly where the accommodations .

Save Some Money

You save yourself a lot of problems since it is true that suddenly they happen in parts of the world where they want to charge you more or simply take you to another accommodation until they end up getting lost because they locate the lodging to which you are going to arrive so that is why for me this is a great advice.

If you are not sure that it is easy to get around by public transport at the time of your arrival or you definitely arrive very late at night, simply book this type of transport and definitely they will help you a lot at the time of your arrival one more piece of advice has to do with not wanting to save some money.

Therefore sacrifice the place where you are going to stay and this does not matter if you travel alone in a group or as a couple is not worth it It’s worth it many times true for the cheapest because suddenly it can be quite expensive in the case of hostels, the cheaper they are.

Fewer Serviceses

 They usually include fewer services and many of these in the end you have to end up paying in one way or another and it ends up being sometimes even more expensive anywhere in the world to stay away from the main attractions or in areas that are not the same.

Safer can also be quite expensive at the end of your experience because you may have to use a lot of public transport to move and everything begins to be more complicated so definitely do not skimp on accommodation and especially when staying alone definitely locate very well what type of accommodation.

They are that is well recommended that with this they can have a little more certainty of the place where they stay and have all the necessary security during their trip one more recommendation has to do with not disconnecting completely I know there is Many travelers and especially those who travel alone like to disconnect from the world.

Traveling Alone Is Not a Good Idea

Going completely, however, traveling alone is not such a good idea. It is always important that at least someone knows where you are. Today, there are applications that you can have all the time on your mobile phone where someone knows exactly where you are because it is a kind of tracking and this can be perhaps useful so that you don’t have to be warning all the time.

Where you are but at least someone knows where to find you in case it is necessary and this sounds very extreme and it is also going to use data of your mobile phone and it can even be expensive and take up a lot of your battery this would be an alternative perhaps for those who are a little more apprehensive.

Those who are not so much perhaps simply letting them know day by day what their plans are going to be share with someone the accommodations where they are staying the transports that are going to take general information of the trip that may be useful to search for them at home.

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