Piatt Castles

Piatt Castles: Discovering the Rich History and Gothic Architecture

Piatt Castles are two historic landmarks located in Logan County, Ohio. The castles, Mac-O-Chee and Mac-A-Cheek, were built in the late 19th century by the wealthy Piatt family. They are renowned for their architectural beauty and historical significance.

1. Mac-O-Chee Castle

Mac-O-Chee Castle was constructed in 1871 by Abram Sanders Piatt, the eldest of the Piatt brothers. The castle is designed in the Gothic Revival style, with a steeply pitched roof, pointed arches, and elaborate stone carvings.

The castle’s most notable feature is the Great Hall, which features a grand stone fireplace, intricate woodwork, and a beautiful oak staircase. The castle also boasts a library, a billiard room, and a dining room, each adorned with ornate decorations.

Piatt Castles

2. Mac-A-Cheek Castle

Mac-A-Cheek Castle was built in 1879 by Donn Piatt, the youngest of the Piatt brothers. The castle is designed in the Queen Anne style, with turrets, gables, and decorative brickwork.

The castle’s most notable feature is the Music Room, which boasts a grand piano and a pipe organ. The castle also features a drawing room, a parlor, and a dining room, each decorated with exquisite furnishings and artwork.

3. The Piatt Family

The Piatt family was a prominent Ohio family with a long and storied history. They were known for their contributions to the state’s development and their involvement in politics and the military.

The Piatt brothers, Abram Sanders, Donn, and William, were the primary builders of the castles. Other notable family members include Major General Jacob Dolson Cox, who served as Ohio’s governor and as a Union Army general during the Civil War.

4. Preservation Efforts

The Piatt Castles have faced numerous challenges over the years, including neglect, vandalism, and natural disasters. In recent years, there have been efforts to preserve and maintain the castles for future generations.

The Piatt Castles Historical Society was established in 1989 to oversee the preservation and operation of the castles. The society has conducted extensive restoration work, including repairing the castle’s roofs, replacing windows, and restoring interior decorations.

Piatt Castles

5. Piatt Castles Wedding

Piatt Castles also offer a unique and romantic wedding venue. Couples can exchange vows in the historic setting of Mac-O-Chee or Mac-A-Cheek Castle, with stunning architectural features and natural surroundings serving as a backdrop for the ceremony and reception.

The castles offer customizable wedding packages, including the rental of the venue, tables, chairs, and linens. The castle’s experienced event team can also assist with catering, floral arrangements, and decorations.

6. Piatt Castle Location

Piatt Castles are located in Logan County, Ohio, near the town of West Liberty. The castles are approximately an hour’s drive from Columbus and are easily accessible from major highways.


Piatt Castles are not just historic landmarks, but also serve as a testament to the Piatt family’s contributions to Ohio’s history. The castles’ architectural beauty, rich history, and romantic wedding venue make them a must-visit destination in Ohio. The ongoing preservation efforts will ensure that the castles continue to inspire and captivate visitors for generations to come.

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