The strangest natural phenomena So you’re already leaving that Mega like if subscribe to the channel and activate the notification bell Let’s go to the video the lava flow from volcanoes are true and genuine the forces of nature with approximately one thousand five hundred of these structures on planet Earth when any of them go into activity the consequences tend to be gigantic. Volcanoes can generate three types of peace rifle base eruptions.

Genuine the forces of nature with approximately

Where only lava is expelled the Explosive where there is no emission of lava but only rocky fragments called pyroclastics and the mixed ones in which the volcano emits as much lava as the pyroclasts word is nothing more than masses of immense rock without melting Total or is melted by heat and eruptions occur when this lava that is situated under the earth’s surface under.

The surface is the amount of lava expelled by a volcano can be so great that it forms true rivers of molten rock at a temperature that can reach more than 1000 degrees centigrade these aft flows have almost everything where they go and when they cool they can form real rocky barriers despite the destructive potential and the frightening scene volcanic eruptions are incredible phenomena and we cannot deny the beauty of these swirling lava flows and if you live in central region of Brazil.

Where during most of the year you have higher temperatures and dry weather. You have probably witnessed this phenomenon at some point even though in a small proportion swirls can only be seen on very hot days it happens that heat concentrated in a specific area of the ground can gener te a difference in atmos heric pressure between that parti ular area and the areas adjacent areas.

A natural phenomenon human activity

This pressure difference causes hot air from these adjacent areas like viruses to the warmer region causing a column of hot air to rise in circular motions carrying dust along and generating the whirlpool the video Mills despite being mostly harmless of cases can reach large sizes like the one recorded in Chapada Diamantina or they still occurred more than a year in the same place and in 2019 another level of this phenomenon was recorded in the interior of the State of Goiás during.

The burning of a sugarcane field at high temperatures ended up generating a frightening whirlwind of fire is not the flood it is considered the as a blessing from the heavens especially in places where it occurs only at one time of the year the rains bring hope making the plants greener making them fruit and consequently attract more animals in addition to helping a lot in human activities such as agriculture.

However as the rains the floods come the floods are excess water that is not absorbed by the soil and flows freely carrying everything that can be the way some floods can reach enormous proportions looking like temporary rivers despite being a natural phenomenon human activity has contributed and still contributes significantly for the increase and occurrence of floods as today much of our soil is compacted by cement and asphalt in cities most of the rainwater does not penetrate.

A natural phenomenon it is impossible

The soil creating flood And furthermore deforestation contributes to this phenomenon since the trees mainly through its roots in addition to keeping the soil more p ermeável help to hold back the impetus of the floods without trees and with the compacted soil there is no way to prevent the water from running loose soil explosion and the next images are not specifically about natural phenomena.

But a strategy used by engineering to open spaces during the piping installation this technique uses a dynamite charge placed at strategic locations on the ground these explosives are activated in sequences so that they only open a trench necessary to pass the planned piping and thus do not cause any additional damage to adjacent areas and this technique it can be quite disastrous if the calculations to be the planning are not done extremely precisely.

However, when everything goes well it can be used to open trenches of up to hundreds of meters although it is not a natural phenomenon it is impossible not to be impressed with the execution of the technique and wash in the ocean What is the medium best known of putting out a fire or reducing the temperature of a hot object with certain water is what happens.

A waterfall contact with nature the water

When these lava flows hit the ocean the contact of the hot lava flow with the cold sea water generates a thermal shock that solidifies the lava almost instantly at the same time it generates a large Cloud of evaporated Water Volcanic rivers and not only lava lives a volcano as if the flows of molten rock such as extremely high temperatures and pyroclastic explosions that can be launched from kilometers away were not enough volcanic eruptions generate lightning.

That’s right you heard lightning volcanic lightning usually occurs in eruptions of the mixed type it happens that during these eruptions many particles are thrown into the atmosphere generating entire clouds of solid debris the known volcanic ash parts particles are charged with static electricity and when negatively charged particles separate from the s particles charged with positive electricity in a way that generates a charge greater than air resistance.

The electricity flows between them generating lightning the waterspout who doesn’t like to take a relaxing bath in a waterfall contact with nature the water massaging your body is very nice however you have to be very careful if you are taking that nice waterfall bath and suddenly feel that the water flow is increasing very fast get out of the water because you are probably witnessing a waterspout the Trunks d’ water occur.

The most common concept nature 

When there is a very heavy rain at the head of the river and that excess water is dissipated by the watercourse below the water goes down practically without control and the volume is gigantic and can cause accidents for people who are having fun in Rio the sandstorm when thinking about storm The first image that comes to our mind is of torrential rains filled with rumbles of thunder and lightning that lighten the darkest nights and despite.

The most common concept nature can often surprise us with storms without a drop of water sandstorms these storms naturally occur in desert area environments where obviously you have a lot of sand in the sands are small accumulated soil particles and are in a constant dynamic process of movement due to the fact that they can be easily carried by the wind if the incidence of a very strong wind many sand particles can be carried at the same time generating clouds.

That can cover large areas called sandstorms can you imagine you are in the middle of one of these it doesn’t seem to be one of the most pleasant situations although most of these storms are low risk some of them can reach such large proportions that they can bury this one and the entire darvaz crater and in the religions hell is always represented by a place where fire it burns forever and that is why the darvaz crater.

However is not natural the region was discovered

Which received the unfriendly nickname of the door to hell located in karakum in turkmenistan the darvaz crater is about 30 meters deep and 70 meters in diameter and has been on fire for more than 40 years That even you heard the crater has been on fire for more than 40 years this phenomenon however is not natural the region was discovered in the 70’s when soviet theologians drilled the region looking for oil.

However they ended up reaching a pocket of gas the gas pocket was so big that the platform gave way opening the hole that exists Today biologists were worried about the open gas crater that size it and what it would emit a large volume of toxic gases and thought it would be a better idea until the fire at the site in the hope that the gas would soon be consumed than trying to close the crater apparently was not a good idea since since the first it’s called it started in the darvaz crater it never went out bioluminescence and bioluminescence is a phenomenon that the name itself explains.

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