Mistakes When Traveling To Dubai

Mistakes When Traveling To Dubai

The main mistakes in Dubai is precisely not coming to the city because you think it will be too expensive it has happened to me with many people who contact me and tell me that it is a destination that it is only for the rich and that although the city has been sold as a luxury destination,

The truth is that it offers alternatives for all pockets so that they can get an idea a four- star hotel in a well-located area near the subway would cost them about 110 US dollars and I’m talking about the high season is when all the attractions are open.

Famous Packages

Because the weather is the most flattering also if we talk about food the truth is that we can You can find fast food from 3 American dollars, those famous packages since they include drinks, fries and a hamburger or things like that.

As you can see there are alternatives for all pockets and finally let’s add that it is a city that offers many free activities like this that she definitely wanted not to limit them to come so that these prejudices are not an impediment.

They do not make that mistake and a little related to this would have to do with the issue of traveling alone women here, many are afraid because they believe that they only have to come accompanied and the reality is that this is not true either.

Western Tourism

I have traveled on several occasions alone and there is no problem, although it is a Muslim destination, the truth is that the West is very open, so there will be no problems. Western tourism is perfectly well accepted and seen and since we are talking about those main errors now yes let’s go a little more in the planning.

I don’t know why to spend enough time in the city, I don’t know why it has the reputation that it can be visited in a single day. They say that only the downtown is more than enough, that there is nothing to see, and if it is a city, let’s say that it has a recent history with quite new attractions.

But year after year it offers something new so definitely at least five days are necessary to delve a little into what this destination can offer you and also of course to make at least some of those getaways to the desert or one of the other neighboring emirates, as would be the case with Abu of others, with planning has to do with the season in which to come to travelers who leave with the idea that summer is the best season.

Find The Best Weather

Because, well, their months of July, August, vacations go to find everything, however, unlike other destinations, the world was here, this city that really comes alive in the winter season, that is, when we visited from November to March.

 March are the months in which we are going to find the best weather and all the activities open since the temperatures are much more pleasant hovering around 20-25 degrees while in the summer they can exceed 50 degrees and with that end up ruining your visit It will be much cheaper to travel during this season, definitely, but you will also miss out on many of the activities, so this is very important.

Many travelers contact me saying that they were told that the best season is summer and I am not sure why. Why do people tell you that? If it’s because of prices or ignorance, but if you really want to enjoy this city, choose the right season, I’m going with one more.

Attractions Of Dubai

And this has to do with not choosing the area where you’re going to stay us and it is that we leave with the idea that the center is the best area to stay and in many cities it is, in fact in Dubai it is not a bad idea to stay in the down area town.

However this is a bit expensive and if we add that most of the attractions of Dubai are distributed there is no need to create ourselves in such an expensive area we cannot move to other areas of the city where we find a better relationship quality-price.

In this way being able to explore the city moving by public transport such as the subway in this case also when planning our trip we may wonder what currency is best for us to bring more to this city and well here the official currency is the dirham and although the credit and debit card is widely accepted.

A Trip From Europe

There are times when we are going to need some cash and here a major mistake is not to bring Euros to many as those who are combining this trip to Dubai with a trip from Europe. It makes it easy to bring 11 Euros at once and change that currency.

However, the dollar is much more appreciated than the euro, the labor euro gives it to you at a price Ridiculously low prices and you are going to lose a lot of your money, so in the case of Mexicans, for example, we have to change our currency to dollars or another stronger currency at the time of exchange in a city like this, change it directly to dollars and not Euros.

Because they are going to lose a lot of money and another alternative would be to simply withdraw from the ATM remember that there are many ATMs that you can find in this city where they are not going to charge you a commission and it will only be the commission of your bank in case apply.

Use Credit Card

So there is another alternative in my case the favorite because simply this way of the money. I need during my trip and one more tip to save on your purchases is when you use your credit card and when they have the alternative of paying in Dirham that is the local currency or in your own currency always choose Dirham because if you go for your currency.

You will end up paying much more for the exchange rate unfavorable about the language a common mistake is to think that if you don’t speak Arabic your visit will be very complicated and that is that in this city one of the languages.


So if you speak the language you don’t want to have any problem and that he materializes a little bit it will be more than enough now if you only speak Spanish there it may be a little more complicated but not impossible.

It is simply a matter of looking for some tours that are in this language there are several available and although they are a little more expensive they can be easier when you don’t speak another language.

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