ALL CASTLES that exist in BRAZIL

ALL CASTLES that exist in BRAZIL

The construction took more than ten years to complete and has a garage for 40 cars 36 triplex suite main hall of 800 square meters right of 12 meters very crazy right and it gets even more sick when you find out that it was built by an ex-de federal bastard that involved some irregularities there in 2000 and we go to the next mining castle the coffee castle in the city of manhuaçu it all started with the idea of a famil to create.

Curitiba to know the castle of boat it was built in 1924

A unique concept in the c ffee universe and they succeeded because it is th only one brazilian castle dedicated to coffee place where we go now to the state of paraná but specifically there in curitiba to know the castle of boat it was built in 1924 by the coffee grower and honorary consul of holanda luiz guimarães and was bought by the former governor of paraná mosés lupion in 1947 this year it was listed as historical heritage and is a replica of the castles of the moon valley.

There in france the place I can only say is magnificent and until today used for event going up on the map we go to pernambuco more specifically reef there is the castle of brennand which houses the ricardo brennand institute there is the world’s largest collection of the dutch painter frans and also has one of the largest he world’s melee weapons collections are more than.

Three thousand pieces including medieval and pernambuco armor and even more castle in this case this is from the fishing in the fishing town where a merchant built this castle for 20 years or more than two thousand square meters of area and is 40 meters high saw another castle of grace in the state but now in garanhuns with castle joão capão imagine that you are a child.

Rio de janeiro certainly has the oldest castles

Who has a castle now growing more life would give up on this dream right at the beginning not you sir joão capão who started designing the business at the age of eight and continues to build his more than 30 years of constructions the state of rio de janeiro certainly has the oldest castles in brazil. In petropolis, the city of pedro, in this case, there is the castle of itaipava.

Which had its construction started there in 1920 with materials brought from europe and was, by its shape, ren ascentista from portugal came the stones from france the slate roof from italy the marble of the floors the doors and windows are from the jacaranda tree the english hardware the stained glass windows are austrian that on the doors where the children slept their names were engraved in today is the place if turned into the imposing hotel with 22 four another interesting.

Castle is located in the capital the castle of the fiscal island built at the behest of dom pedro Segundo in the 19th century served as a government office and from there you can see several points of the center of rio de janeiro also the bread of sugar and the river-niterói bridge inside there are halls with exhibitions of the brazilian navy and several items from the last imperial ball that took place.

The moorisco castle

There another cool castle is the moorisco castle of the oswaldo cruz institute in manguinhos it was listed by iphan in 1981 its construction began at the beginning of the 20th century from the wish of osvaldo cruz posterior what he saw in his travels oi and there thinking that and brazil didn’t have castles if you see my video rio grande do norte you must have noticed what I said of some castles but I discovered others more in this research.

We started with the face I full moon that once was the witch’s hostel I just wanted to bring this place up because it looks a lot like the castle and it’s there christmas there were 190 thousand bricks used in the construction imagine the work another important castle is the one at zé dos montes castle in a new site the postcard of the city of talca canvas is made of stone and lime by a retired army sergeant he says that our lady told him to do this.

When he was still I was a child there you also find the poorly abandoned engady castle there in the city of caicó which was built to serve as a place of meditation prayer study and finally the city of carnaúba dos dantas there is the castle of bivar an imitation reborn french there the movie the man who challenged the devil of 2007 was filmed and it is on top of a hill to visit you need a permit as it is a private property and i think it is important to go to another account of the country.

The castle of stones tall that was built between 1909

There in rio grande do sul in the city of stones alta you know the castle of stones tall that was built between 1909 1913 in medieval style for the diplomat joaquim francisco de assis brazil 1999 was listed by the historical heritage artistic and rio grande do sul but until today it lacks care as it is quite degraded in the city of pelotas it also has the simões lopes castle built between 1920 1923 until 1970 the residence of the simões lopes family after the city hall acquired.

The castle that until the 2000s it housed cultural entities after it was abandoned and is now undergoing a revitalization apparently no one is there for castle m as a rio grande do sul castle in caxias do sul you can find the chateau lacave that was edt the uruguayan hair juan carrau to be a winery and is inspired by a spanish medieval castle of the 11th century.

The construction started in 1968 it ended ten years later and there are 70 thousand square meters of area in the midst of araucaria trees today managed by the Baixo family and receives tourists all year round and two more castles in rio grande do sul there are both in the city of torres on the coast of Rio Grande do Sul but I confess to you that it was a little difficult find any information about them but you can search around them it’s everyone’s castle at kilometer 84 of the sea road.

santa catarina two castles

That google points out as a sony castle and another one of them is don cido cellar which also google didn’t have much information about the place then look for these two in torres rio grande do sul and maybe you will find santa catarina two castles make the charm santa catarina the first of them there in joinville popu larly known as joinville castle it is a work of leonardo ao coradelli who is 66 years old.

There are more than 700 square meters of area with 16 towers the two small 21 rooms plus a swimming pool some solution has not been finalized yet but it already draws a lot of attention around the city another castle that I can’t help but mention is the castle of nations in the city of penha which is the entrance porch to the beto carrero word with medieval inspirations rest assured you won’t have to pay at beto carreiro just.

Because I thought his castle was cool there is a castle now we are going to the state of paulista more specifically to the city of flint where there is the furlani castle finish in 1914 after a few years of construction the work has renaissance inspiration and combines asian elements it has a height of four floors and the cement is german and the roof french still has the status fountains a huge garden drawbridge and several other things right in the other.

The castle imposes tante is located in araras which is the castle of macaws and has a thousand square meters of area in the land of 5,000 square meters built in the 90’s after the life of luiz michelini netto to a medium who says he would never live and with a view of the entire city people say the place is haunted but all this is the invention of the cake itself that says that one day a worker died during construction and even the street his spirit wanders with these to finish our list I will leave you the coolest thing to find out in all this research it is popularly known as a medieval village.

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