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9 Common Flaws of Nature

Common Flaws of Nature

The tallest trees in the world peace most famous of them are in Avatar growth a small protected area and if you are in the area it is worth doing a visit to the big long and damn a huge and lonely and the Douglas habit forced and dou became a kind of symbol of protection of the old forests of british columbia this huge solitary habit lies in the middle of a completely deforested space and looks like.

This force and the second largest tree in the world

A real giant he is 66 m tall, almost four meters in diameter and about 12 meters in circumference and in 2012 the logger who worked in the area decided not to cut the Big Dog because it is not known maybe it was a sixth sense but he did not even suspect that this force and the second largest tree in the world nowadays is the Big lol and I give it protection by guards and its visitors are advised not to stay around too long so as not to damage.

Its roots after all this tree is not only very big but also incredibly old According to scientists, she is at least five hundred years old in Poço Petrificado, and it was long believed that what happened in this place was observed. ra of the sorceress mothers Y she was a prophet and of course Evidence in English is that she supposedly made many extremely accurate predictions including the great plague of london the invasion of the spanish armada and the great fire of london legend has it.

That mother shippam was born in 10 blurred yorkshire in a cave now known as Mother Chips Cave next to and to a well that it used to think had been cursed no wonder after all everything that fell into its water turned to stone reminds us of the jellyfish and other characters that caused petrification the mysterious cave has not stopped receiving visitors since 1630 it is said that this place is the oldest tourist attraction in England.

The process of e natural vaporization

However Scientists have already discovered that in the properties of the fountain There is nothing supernatural about the water that in a few months turns objects such as teddy bears hats and other random stuff is actually rich in minerals add to that the process of e natural vaporization and a strange legend is born double tree of casorzo between the cities of grana and casoo in Piedmont Italy there is a completely unique tree or rather two trees one growing on top of the other.

The locals call the natural anomaly of Belo de gasoso or double tree of gaseous it is a cherry tree on top of a mulberry tree the plants that choose other plants as habitat are called epiphytes and are not a rarity there but they usually reach a small size and have a short life because there is usually not enough nutrients and space for them its growth but cherry trees don’t usually behave.

This way so it seems a long time ago a cherry seed ended up on top of the mulberry tree with the help of a bird for example amazingly that seed not only sprouted but was able to reach the soil through the hollow trunk of Your Downstairs Neighbor as a result the Cherry Tree at the top not only survived but had It has also grown to a decent size and is practically no different from ordinary trees the trees have merged and today and their branches grow.

The fundamental things in our world gravity

Five meters around them the result of this is a simply amazing sight Electric hill and it seems that of all the fundamental things in our world gravity is the most reliable gravity can’t be fooled in any way even if you try very hard the most you will get are a few roosters but there are places in the world where the grand and constant gravity fails for example on the so called Hill of gravity in Scotland to go up there for example on a bicycle.

You don’t need to make any effort but to go down there you will need to pedal a few times before anything else we need to say that this anomaly has nothing to do with electricity at all the term electric was in the name from the times when gravity as a defect was erroneously considered a phenomenon caused by an electrical attraction the magnet ethics inside the Hill But what is the secret many believe.

That it is these mysterious magnetic forces that make vehicles move or in reverse and prevent them from moving base it seems that the slope of the road is just an optical illusion thanks to the landscape around PA and unlike the force of gravity objects go up the hill although in reality it is exactly the opposite by the way more than 100 of these hills of gravity are known around the world and all of them are just an illusion Atacama Desert.

Atacama Desert is arguably the oldest desert in the world

The Atacama Desert located in South America South is considered one of the driest places in the world even the polar deserts receive more rain than the Atacama their average is 15 mm per year which is incredibly little besides the Atacama Desert is arguably the oldest desert in the world and for at least at least three million years it experiences this extreme lack of moisture that makes it.

The oldest continuously arid region in the world for the most part of this desert consists of rocky terrains Salt lakes and sand that is to say a place absolutely lifeless at first sight but only at first sight despite the geographic and climatic conditions of the desert to a very Flora and here Imagine only more than 500 species of plants have already been observed in Atacama all these species are characterized by an extraordinary ability to adapt to extreme environments and therefore survive the blooming of flowers in Atacama takes place from August to September but the exact dates are obviously unknown it all depends on the rains But you must have already understood this is a complicated question.

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