Introduction Of Puppy On Pool Water How To Manage

Introduce your puppy to water to see if she likes it or not now there are no guarantees but these steps that I’m going to talk about I want you to take it nice and slow you’re going to slowly start to increase the chances that your pup’s going to go along with you if you do it this way Michelle here with how to train a dream dog some dogs are just not built for swimming and they may not find.

Comfortable brachycephalic dogs like pugs

It is easy or comfortable brachycephalic dogs like pugs are much more likely to give swimming a hard pass it probably feels like a lot of work for them for a little bit of return all right they may like water but only in very small quantities may be just wading pools or puddles that’s part of what you the human are gonna do you’re gonna introduce water in such a small and non-intrusive way.

That you can determine what part of water if any your dog likes you know what we’re never gonna do I’m talking like never we’re gonna throw a dog in and expect them to swim believe me I have seen this done I had a client who consulted with me about her sweet bass and hound he was super scared of the water I asked if something had happened and he said.

That his previous owner had tossed him in some water to help him learn how to swim the other dog in the family a lab jumped in after him the lab knew that the poor best sound was just not cut out for swimming the lab bounded out of the water easily but the bass needed some help he must have been so scared this crazy foreign wet stuff and not being able to get out of it yikes you can imagine.

Your dog is fearful of water

How he was never a fan of water after that and another thing we never do please do not use water as an aversive technique to stop bad behaviour sometimes in my Facebook group puppy training with Michelle Lennon we’ll get some commenting on a post about biting now even though a professional from my team will always provide a well-educated and well-thought-out answer sometimes other people like to chime in with some not so great advice an example of this is.

When people say to use a spray bottle with a puppy’s biting to make them stop please don’t do this not only is this not the way to address this normal behaviour of biting but you can create a lifelong fear of water can you imagine all the grooming appointments if your dog is fearful of water now this may not end well for your dog or the groomer now if you need help with biting.

There’s a better way to address biting and still avoid the scoring battle I’m going to show you a video of pickles and I working together on the introduction of water now I want you to know a few things first one your dog might take longer in this process or she may go much faster now although pickles haven’t been introduced to water before he’s a very confident dog and he loves to train with me so he’s quite compliant.

Your dog’s temperament is different and your results

Now your dog’s temperament is different and your results may be different as well this is why I have an entire online course to teach things like leash skills recall leave it to drop its stay and a ton more now that go over all these skills in a small systematic way that’s fun to teach your dog now it would be a disservice to try to teach you all those things in just one short video I know some trainers insist.

They can do it but that’s not me that’s not how we roll here how to train a dream dog I want you to understand your dog so well that you have lasting success in all different environments for a lifetime alright back to water another great tip on this introduction is your dog might be ready to start further along in the process than pickles did you’re going to see how I used a dry towel to begin the process with pickles.

But your dog might have already had the sensation of wet paws may be in the grass or puddles now I just wanted to show you the whole process in case you needed to begin at the very beginning whatever you do I suggest you start with something really fun and really easy that gives your dog a better chance of success and that’s what we’re looking for the best chance of success let’s get to it roll tape you can see pickles and I hear working and I’m just trying to get him to step on a dry towel right.

Which is going to reinforce that the towel

Now I’m going to reward him any time he puts one or more paws on the towel and I’m going to have him come off the towel and then back on which is going to reinforce that the towel is the key place where the treats are given you can see he’s doing it enthusiastically here I’m going to switch it up in just a minute to add water but right now we’re just trying to get him to step on this towel here in this context.

He keeps looking up at me for the treatment which means he’s getting the idea so we’re going to be able to move on to the next step notice I’m sprinkling the treats on the towel as well that way you can look for them find them and still stay on the towel with those paws which is what i’m looking for all right so the next thing we’re going to do here in just a moment is put some physical barriers up that are going to help him nope we’re not going to do that we’re going to add water first that’s so we’re going to add the water onto the towel i’m just going to saturate the snot out of that make it really soggy and wet and then we’re going to go back to the sequence.

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